Friday Five: This Week

1. The short work week has been weird with so many people extended it one way or another for vacations.

2. On Tuesday we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. The past two years have flown by.

3. Apparently wearing my pump on my arm is strange. I had my annual exam this week and when I took off my sweater for the nurse to check my blood pressure, she asks, “What’s on your arm?” Of course I answered that it was my insulin pump and she commented that she’d never seen anyone wear their pumps somewhere other than their stomachs. When my doctor came in she goes, “Hey, you’ve got your pump on your arm!”

4. I missed out on my morning coffee yesterday… There are no other words.

5. I’ve been flying blind for the past week without my Dexcom. Here’s the story:

Due to the red tape that people with health conditions know and loathe*, I was unable to acquire 1 additional Dexcom Seven+ sensor to hold me over until I’m finally able to get my new Dexcom G4 Platinum. The sensor that I pulled from my leg the other night had been unable to yield readings for more than 5 minutes at a time and hadn’t produced any information in a 24-hour period.

Before I place too much blame on a piece of wire, I should note that I’m 99.9% certain that my transmitter is dying/dead. I start on Dexcom about a year ago and the last month of continuous monitoring has been spotty at its best and horribly inaccurate at its worst. Then completely confused in all those in-between times.

I haven’t been able to even expect trending clues for the past couple of weeks, but there’s no reason to get a warranty replacement when I can get the newer and better one in a week with a little patience. I’m currently experiencing withdraw from information and I’m not sure I like it. I’m testing more often and I have to say my numbers have been less than stellar and I’ve been put in some situations that called for major swag-ing. Because I don’t have that constant feed of where I am and where I’m going, I’m stuck with photographs when I’m used to real-time streaming. It’s discouraging.

But, to look on the bright side, I feel a little less tied down.I’m reaching over to press buttons less often and feel like I can move about freely since there’s no reason to carry around a receiver that says ??? all the time.

*Red tape that leaves you without a CGM for a week and kills all of your numbers and confidence. The kind of red tape that sends replacement medical equipment to an apartment where you haven’t lived in almost a year. The kind of red tape that causes automated systems to hand up on you because they don’t believe you are who they are calling for.
Well this weekend I’m busy attending parties. What are you up to?

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  1. Congrats on your second wedding anniversary-I had my second anniversary earlier this month and, like you, can’t believe it’s already been 2 years! I’ve never seen an insulin pump anywhere other than a tummy either…how do you do it on your arm?

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