The Red Door

When we first started making plans for our house I considered bringing up the option of changing the color of the front door. But as we showed our families the listing for the house the red door became the thing that was first noticed. So the red door stays red for now.

I used to rotate homemade wreath on the apartment door so I decided it was about time for some decoration on the door. So I got crafty and here’s the result:

Materials Used:

  • 3 feet of 3/4-inch foam pipe insulation (it came in 6-foot lengths so I have a second wreath on tap)
  • Jute twine. I used just over half of a 190-foot roll
  • Scrap gauzy fabric that was originally used as protective covering for a glossy finish piece of furniture
  • Masking tape
  • White thread

I think I’ll be painting the command hook on the front door red eventually so that it matches the rest of the door.

For my next fall project, I think I want to try my hand at candy corn garland like Lisa has displayed on her blog.

Do you decorate seasonally? What color is your front door?

7 thoughts on “The Red Door

  1. There’s something very inviting about a red door. In my last house, we changed the all-white shingle and painted brick to a more “earth-tone” tan. I wanted to change the white door to red, but my wife wouldn’t hear of it.

    Right after that (expensive work) was done, my wife’s job moved to another state, and so did we. We now have a natural red brick front with a light blue front door.

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