Need a little inspiration

Today is No D Day a day that I forgo discussing diabetes. So that is my final mention of that.

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Lately it seems that inspiration for many things escapes me. For instance, I have nearly 100 posts in my queue that will never make it the interwebs because they’re completely lacking in content, tone and generally inspired topics. I feel guilty when I don’t post consistently and it saddens me that so many of those drafts are venting about stupid things that none of you care about. I would like to keep this blog fresh and hopefully add some value to the internet.

I’ve become rather interested in professional style and other things fashion-related but I don’t want to become a wannabe fashion blogger. I also don’t want to inundate you with cat pictures, coffee, DIY projects or cooking posts. I guess I need to strike a better balance?

If I had to choose only on category for ProbablyRachel, I’d say it’s a lifestyle blog. But my life has settled into a comfortable boring (Thank God for boring! Life was too exciting for quite awhile) that is far from where I started as a college student trying to flex some writing muscles.

Where do you find writing inspiration? Doe anyone use prompt lists?

My cooking has also been uninspired as of late, so I’ve been browsing Pinterest recipes and making a shopping list. What’s on your menu this week that I should try?

3 thoughts on “Need a little inspiration

  1. The way I see it is that this is your space and whatever you write is all good! Many times I have thought about not posting something and sure enough someone will find something that makes them feel less alone.

    You never know what you will say that some else may need to hear. Just my two cents! 🙂

  2. Write from your heart! I only use prompts when I sign up for diabetes blog week or Wego Health writing challenge. Sometimes I see something on TV or read something that I want to right about. Something that happens in real life or I read on a message board. Whatever it is you feel like writing and if it comes from your heart, it is truly you.

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