The Quest

In my quest to get pumping by Christmas… There’s a lot to do.

I really, really, really want an insulin pump. It’d be a huge improvement in my routine. It doesn’t mean that I can go on autopilot with my diabetes, but it does mean improvements on some of the things that annoy me on a daily basis.

The one I’m leaning toward

Here’s why I want on a pump:

  • No more shots 4 times a day (overall reduction of pokes to my body)
  • The ability to have partial units of insulin (gives me better influence over my blood sugar numbers)
  • Less math
  • Quicker cook to eat time by not having to do the pokes. Test – program – eat is much simpler than my current process
  • No more Lantus and no more feeling of injecting acid. Since this long-acting insulin that I inject at night has to be slighting acidic to stay in solution, it burn as my body absorbs it. A pump gives me smaller doses of the other type of insulin, reducing this huge discomfort

This is a new type of journey for me. I’ve researched facts and we’re scheduled at the Clinic to learn more and get started, but I would like to hear more.

If you use an insulin pump:

What did you wish someone had told you when you started the process?

What was the most helpful thing someone told you about pumps?

Has pumping made your life any easier?


17 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Am with you Rachel. Ok so I am a T2 but honestly I have always been fascinated by the pump plus it is not that far fetched of an idea since am already on Insulin and I hear T2’s are getting prescribed the pump more and more lately….who knows maybe I can get my Endo to cooperate…..LoL

  2. I started pumping 5 years ago and since back then I didn’t know so much information was available from other diabetics, I just went with the first company that I knew about and got back to me – Medtronic. While I didn’t regret that decision I wish I had done more research about what was out there. If I were you I’d see if I could get my hands on a trial pump for any that you are thinking about. Or all of them! That way you get a real idea of what it’s like. I love my pump! I don’t think I’d remember how to give myself an injection if I had to ha! It does make life so much easier. It also does give you better control over insulin dosing. But keep in mind it’s not perfect and not for everybody. The worst that can happen is that you try it, you hate it and go back to MDI. Good luck in your quest.

  3. I’ve been on a pump since I was 12-years-old. I’ve taken numerous pump breaks and gone back on shots, so know that it is an option! Your doc will always write you a script for lantus for in case your pump breaks, but you can use it if you just plain old get sick of pumping too! Also, if you haven’t decided on a company yet, ask the reps from each if you can wear a sample saline pump to get a feel for which you like best. Each has pros and cons (although almost everyone I know who wear OmniPods have been having a horrendous time the last year with pod failures so I’d be very skeptical of that company).
    Pumping does make a lot of life easier, you can bolus for your app at a restaurant, and then your meal, and then your dessert, etc all while siting at the table and you don’t have to take 3 shots. You always know how much insulin is still left in your body, and you can take tiny tiny amounts if you need it 🙂

    Hope this helps, and good luck!!

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