Change is bad… very bad

Brad is king of all electronics in our home, including my computer and phone (thankfully not my meter though!).

He keeps them all running fairly smoothly and up-to-date. So up to date in fact that my computer is running on Windows 8. I wish I were kidding about having such an advanced operating system, but I’m not so I might as well supply you with a short review….

I hate it.

End review.

I spent 5 minutes trying to make it to the login screen. Then when I wanted to shut the beast down, I couldn’t find the shut down menu. It’s hidden in the most ridiculous place that I’ll have to track down once again to shut it down tonight.

It’s cool to have new technology most of the time, but this is not it. Windows 8 is a bad idea for anything that isn’t a touch screen because we don’t like change.

Yeah, I’m going back to comfy Windows 7 just as soon as I can. I’ll eventually have to use 8, but maybe by then it’ll be a little more logical.


3 thoughts on “Change is bad… very bad

  1. My opinion: every new version of Windows should come with an easy-to-locate button called “Make this look like the previous version of Windows.” Click it, and BAM! Windows 8 looks like Windows 7 did.

    Often, with some work, you can get things back to the way they used to be (or close to it), but it’s a pain.

    When are they going to learn that “Although there is no progress without change, not all change is progress.”

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