The New Bed Dilemma

Brad and I got away for our anniversary this weekend. The first decision we encountered at the hotel was:

Who gets which side of the bed?

Do we switch things up? Do we sleep on the same sides as at home?

I’m sure that most normal other couples don’t even think about it or discuss it, but we tend to over-analyze things. We don’t have a side of the bed preference that would merit a fight to get it.

When we lived in the little house right after we got married, Brad slept on the side of the bed closest to the door for a combination of things including a sloped bedroom ceiling and safety. When we moved into our apartment we switched sides of the bed, again so that he could be on the side with the door. I’m sure that as time goes on, we’ll get more territorial about our own sides of the bed.

Before we got married, I never thought we would be having logical discussions about which side of the bed to sleep on.

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