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I usually observe the season of Lent. We actually used to refer to it a “lint” when I was a kid, sometimes religious seasons sound too much like mundane fuzz from the dryer. However, I don’t usually give up things for Lent, in the past I have when I felt like I needed to refocus and something was getting in the way.

Typically people will give up something they consume that’s not the best for them like caffeine, alcohol, junk food or pop. In the past few years, I’ve noticed that people have started giving up activities that pull their attention away from the important thing, usually it’s Facebook. One main problem with giving up Facebook for many that I know, is people forget how to contact you and assume that Facebook is the only way. (If a friend has given up Facebook for Lent and you want to reach them, pick up the phone!)

{What people on Twitter gave up for Lent in 2010}

Giving up social media isn’t entirely an option for some of us. A large part of my responsibilities at work are related to social media. I could give up personal social media, but using it as a primary means to keep in contact with distant family member I feel it would be counter productive.

Actually, I’m not giving anything up specifically. The past year has been incredibly crazy and I’ve already given up several things, along with changing my day-to-day life. I have to make some more changes in order to protect my health, so I’m going to focus on that. And my changes will last more than the 40 days of Lent.

Sometimes, giving up something just for Lent can help you give it up for life. An acquaintance of mine is giving up smoking for Lent, perhaps after the 40 days, with support from her friends and family, she can give it up for life.

Do you want/need to make a change in your life? Why not make it for Lent? It doesn’t matter what religion you are, making a conscious decision to change for 40 days can help you change forever.

You can also see what people on Twitter gave up for Lent last year here.


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