New Year, New Everything

Ok not everything is new, but a heck of a lot of things are new for me. I’m finally back this week from my holiday break. My office reopened Tuesday and I neglected you all because I hit the ground running in the new year. Ok, I hit the second floor moving, but that doesn’t sound as good.

When I arrived Tuesday, my ancient old work desktop was gone and was replaced by a snazzy, lime green laptop. Yes, you read that right, my work computer is lime green! I had no say in the selection of my computer, so that made my day. Then I moved down the hall… way down the hall. To a new office. I’m no longer the first office on the left, which means I will not be mistaken for the secretary as frequently or have to sign my very long last name on a little screen for the UPS and FedEx deliveries.


My desk is messy already!

Those are just minor things about the move yesterday. The major things include some exciting things for the clients I work with as well as some exciting things for me.

I don’t talk about my job all that much on here (read: I don’t discuss my clients often) but it’s a significant part of my life. From starting with the agency in July to the end of 2011 I wrote more things than I could keep track of, saw my clients get some great coverage and witnessed potential crises turn into opportunities. My new position with this agency is already showing great potential, I’m lucky to work with some really great clients and seasoned professionals. I get more than just a new office an laptop, I get to learn and grow in my chosen profession.

And for that I’m thankful.


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