More Than a Least Favorite

Basically everyone has a favorite color… in some cases colors. If you haven’t figured it out yet, my favorite color is green.

Big surprise huh?

My wedding shoes had to be green

But what’s the opposite of a favorite color?

“Least favorite” comes to mind, but I’m not sure that’s fitting for my opposite of favorite color. I don’t hate a color because come on, hating a color is a waste of time. I dislike it. Sometimes it gives me a headache to see. Other times it’s just “meh” in my book.

I’ll stick with “dislike.”

I dislike the color yellow. (Sorry for all of you yellow fans.) Yellow can be blinding. It can make things look old or dirty. It can also look gross. And it’s frequently used as a color substitute for gold, which usually doesn’t cut it.


I know it’s “cheerful,” “vibrant” and all sorts of fun adjectives… but it’s just not my thing.

Hence that “cheerful” dining room in our house got repainted.

It’s weird though… I don’t like yellow but I love rubber ducks.


Is there a color that you just don’t like?

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