Massage Heights Review

I was provided with free services from Massage Heights in return for a blog review. All opinions are my own.

Massage can alleviate back pain, headaches and a variety of other issues beyond just relaxation. However, most people who get massages do so in order to relax.

Which is why I was thrilled to accept the offer from Massage Heights to review their services at one of their Cleveland area retreats.

I had an appointment for a one-hour massage and foot scrub on a rainy Saturday morning at the Massage Heights location at Crocker Park.

The People

Even before I arrived at the retreat, I worked with the nicest people to arrange my appointment and get me set up. They made sure I was comfortable with where the location was within Crocker Park as well as where the most convenient parking is (super convenient parking! The garage is right behind the retreat). I filled out some paperwork when I arrived and they set me up with my therapist, Tina.

Tina was great. I showed her my insulin pump and CGM on the back of each arm, she asked a couple of questions about working around them then offered to warm the table, but the room was comfortable (and it smelled great).

The Place

Everything about Massage Heights was relaxing. The whole place smelled good, there was calming music and the lighting was soft. One thing that I noticed that’s different from any other massage place I’ve been to was that the table was more than just a sheet, there was also a thick, soft blanket that made me much more comfortable. I also never heard a sound during my entire treatment.

The Treatments

I had a one-hour massage, focusing on my back and neck, which are areas that have been bothering me. The massage was very relaxing. I was able to pick an aromatherapy elevation. According to Tina, the two most popular options are “relax” which has a lavender base and “breathe” which has a eucalyptus base. Since I didn’t want to fall asleep (completely possible for me), I opted for breathe. Which smelled excellent and was very soothing to my allergy symptoms which have been making breathing difficult.

My treatment also also included a revitalizing foot scrub. Which lived up to its description of revitalizing tired feet. I left with soft, happy feet.

More About Massage Heights

There are Massage Heights locations in 22 states plus D.C. and Alberta, Canada. There are three locations in the greater Cleveland area, the one at Crocker Park that I visited, one in Strongsville and on in Fairview Park.

Like most massage places, Massage Heights offers membership packages at various levels that let you pick the frequency and elevations that you’re looking for at a discounted rate. They also offer facials and skin treatments. All of the prices seem reasonable to me as well.

It’s slightly hard to describe a massage, but I am totally impressed with the service and facility at Massage Heights and really appreciate the offer to try them out and write about them.

Check them out when you’re looking for a retreat or to give the gift of relaxation,


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