Make the Season Bright: Holiday Blog Hop 2011

The Make the Season Bright: Holiday Blog Hop 2011 is a blog event where bloggers invite our readers to take a holiday tour of homes through our blogs. On this stop, you get to the the K-Couple home all decorated for the holiday season and find out a little bit about how we’re handling the holidays as newlyweds.

Welcome to Our Home

Our winter wreath made from upcycled wedding leftovers

When you arrive at our home, you’re greeted by a handmade tulle and pearl wreath that will stay up all winter long. As I’ve posted about before, I like to make things out of trash junk other things. After our wedding, I had a lot of great crafting material around, so I made this wreath based on a project that I found on Pinterest.

My super-crafty mother-in-law made us school spirited snowmen (go Purple Raiders!). They hang out among the pictures.

Carrying forward with the school spirit is our purple and white tree. I started setting up this themed tree in my dorm room sophomore year.

Purple, white and silver bulbs

What’s that in the background? Thank you so much for asking! That’s the light fixture that I’ve been obsessed with decorating since we moved in! Three designs later, this is what I landed on and it’s sparked some comments.

Then I got a little camera-happy

One of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is hitting the details. So I’ll bore you with those before the main event (the tree of course). There are certain parts of Christmas that can’t be left out, specifically the nativity and advent.

Our Advent “wreath” and Nativity in one

There’s some Christmas in the bathrooms too

The shelf above the “insinkerator”

A mini tree in our bedroom that I made out of ribbon

Doorknobs need some holiday cheer too

The stockings were hung by the kitchen with care

The K-Couple’s very first Christmas tree!

Some highlights of our first Christmas tree:

The ornament Brad gave me on our first Christmas (I like rubber duckies)

Our first Christmas ornament

A star to top it off

Our first Christmas as a married couple is really exciting and it’s amazing to think that this will be our 6th(!) Christmas as a couple. will One big issue for newlyweds when it comes to holiday decorating is not having their own decorations. Many of us use hand-me-downs from our families and whatever people give us to get us started.

In our case, both sets of parents bought us some decorations after Christmas last year so we had a pretty nice set of things to start off with (and after this Christmas, our collection will grow).

Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.

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7 thoughts on “Make the Season Bright: Holiday Blog Hop 2011

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  2. I just love your purple Raider touches! I also really like the winter wreath. I absolutely hate putting our Christmas decorations away because then the apartment looks so bare… having some seasonal decorations would solve the problem.

  3. Your tree is totally gorgeous! Also love that upcycled wreath. You and Abby BOTH used wedding touches in your holiday decor — bride FAIL on my part. Thanks for inviting us into the Probably Rachel home, it looks festive and beautiful! Merry Christmas 🙂

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