I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving and (hopefully) a long weekend!

Brad and I had two enjoyable Thanksgivings, neither of which we hosted.Some of the highlights included: Brad’s uncle pocket-dialed the non-emergency police department number, so the police called back. My favorite two-year-old spent part of dinner under the table. Families are great.

We ended up with Thanksgiving feast leftovers from both. Although Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, it’s not something we wanted to eat over and over until the leftovers were gone. Black Friday isn’t just a big day for retailers, it’s a big day for pizza places because there are a lot of other people who feel the same way.

What to do with the leftovers though? Some ideas straight out of the K-couple kitchen are:

  • Turkey quesadillas. Leftovers used: Turkey. New ingredients: Tortillas, cheese, seasoning
  • Mashed potato bowls (KFC-style). Leftovers used: Mashed potatoes, corn, gravy. New ingredients: Popcorn chicken, optional cheese
  • Buffalo (turkey) pasta. Leftovers used: Turkey (ours was chicken after having chicken for Thanksgiving #2). New ingredients: Pasta, cheese, hot sauce (some people enjoy cheesy pasta with Thanksgiving so that works as a leftover in some cases)

Those three mostly used up our leftovers. We had a random food meal to use some of the other things, like chestnut stuffing. Some other leftover recipes I’ve seen/used include potato pancakes, stuffed pancakes (with cranberry sauce of course).

A lot of cranberries!

How do you reuse leftovers and avoid throwing out good food?

Diabetes-wise Thanksgiving played nicely. When we arrived at my in-laws on Wednesday night, I had a regularly scheduled pod change, but forgot to pack extra insulin. I had enough in my current vial for a change though with a tiny bit leftover. The pod change resulted in some blood, but seemingly stable bgs and insulin delivery. The next morning all was good until after breakfast when it became clear I did not receive my breakfast insulin and my cannula was bright red. I used my last pod (the emergency pod) that I had with me, sucked the still good insulin out of it and successfully placed the new pod. A correction bolus got my 240 blood sugar down to 130 before turkey time. Talk about thankful! Moral of the story: Don’t do what I did, and be extra prepared, even for one night away from home.

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