It’s a new month

It’s a new month and there’s a lot going on in August… so far though there’s not a whole lot of writing going on because I’m packing!

This is however a surprisingly huge month for me and it’s full of mixed emotions.

  • Next week will be the first anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis as well as the first anniversary of losing my dad. There’s a lot of emotion mixed up in both of those milestones.
  • There are also some awesome things happening in August though, like moving into our house and we just started looking into adopting a couple of rescue kittens that I’m awaiting a response from the organization.
  • I see my endocrinologist this month, which means it’s time to head to the lab and get some panels drawn. I’m hoping to see the same a1c as before (it may sound like I’m aiming low, but I have a good number I want to maintain). The Dexcom has me on information overload right now and I’m seeing peaks and valleys that I didn’t before, I’m very interested in how those translate into my average. I’m also curious about some other numbers.
  • My husband’s company is having a BBQ this weekend. It’s the first social event that families were invited to, so I’m looking forward to meeting some of his coworkers and getting the scoop on what he’s like at work.

That’s my month in a nutshell. What do you have happening in August?


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