House and Apartment Hunting

In the past week, I’ve looked at both houses for sale and apartments for rent.


We recently received some news that I’ve been hoping for for awhile. My mom is moving back to Northeast Ohio!

When I was a sophomore in college, my parents moved to Pennsylvania. I figure that when I moved out, they left the state so that I wouldn’t come back! Since we lost my dad, it’s been rough thinking about my mom alone way out there (ok, she’s not alone she has friends and coworkers, but she doesn’t have me). All of her children and grandchildren are in the Northeast Ohio area. We grew up here and have roots here, I’ve been wanting her back here for awhile.

She came here this weekend to check out apartments. And she found a beautiful townhouse!

At the same time, Brad and I are considering moving out of our apartment…

We’re considering home-ownership! 24-hour maintenance and package delivery to the leasing office are nice… but renting isn’t something that we want to continue doing since Cleveland is now home for us. It’d be nice if at the end of the day, our home was actually ours. One of the first houses that we looked at online was having an open house last week, so we went and checked it out. It was a lovely home.

But not for us.

We spent some time online looking at homes for sale this week and there was another open house, on Sunday. But when we arrived for the open house, the woman selling the house apologetically told us that they had an offer and the open house was supposed to be canceled. It felt like a cruel April Fools joke, and it probably did for her too. It looked like the poor lady had delivered that message to several people before us!

We aren’t in a time crunch to find a home, so we can look.

5 thoughts on “House and Apartment Hunting

  1. Buying a house is a very stressful process, especially these days. But it’s so worth it in the end. Hubby and I just bought our first place at the end of 2010 and even though it’s an apartment & not a house, it’s so different because it’s ours. And a nice tax deduction too 😀 Good luck finding something!

  2. I remember house hunting. it was fun, and scary and exciting all at the same time!!
    take your time, do lots of research about things like the neighbourhood, whether there are schools, churches, stores, libraries etc nearby (if those things are important to you), and when you find a house you think you would like, check out the neighbours. do they keep their property the way you would keep yours? is the grass cut? is the driveway shovelled? (depending on the time of year). is there garbage hanging around the front porch?
    i love my house(been here 18yrs), but if i had looked at my neighbours closer, i may not have bought this house. if i could take my house and move it i might just do it!!

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