Holidays in Cleveland: Weekend Wrap Up

I really do love this area at the holidays. Everything is so pretty, from the lights my neighbors put up to the amazing displays at public square and the beautiful trees at the Arcade.

On Friday I wrote about how excited I was for my weekend plans and they didn’t disappoint! My weekend started at lunchtime on Friday at the Hilton Garden Inn for the PRSA Cleveland Rocks Awards and lunch. I love attending PRSA events because I always learn something and have a lot of fun. On Friday I was able to chat with several people from the office where I interned during college and catch up with the man who assigned me my first pitch and taught me a ton! I also ended up sitting at a table with three previous PRSA Cleveland Chapter presidents! At the start of the luncheon, they were thanking the board from this past year and thanking people who had made the event possible, I thought they meant Friday’s event… apparently they meant all of the events that year and I glanced up to see my name on the screen! That was pretty cool since I had only volunteered for one event this year, and that was Student Day.

They also had some rockin’ cookies:

Friday night we kicked back at The Arcade for Brad’s company party. The place is just amazing! The food and drinks were fantastic and the staff was wonderful. Since we had to wear name tags, the bar staff called us by name, which is one of those little things that makes a good experience better.

That place is hands-down my favorite at the holidays because it’s decorated so beautifully:

I asked Brad to take a picture of me as we were heading back to our room for the night and after I agonized of exactly which outfit to wear and landed on this one because of the shoes (my beautiful green wedding shoes)… did he get them in the picture? No, of course not! Because he’s a man and doesn’t care about shoes. Sigh!  (But seriously, if you’re taking pictures for people this holiday season, follow this advice.)

The rooms at the Hyatt there are really cool because they used to be offices and such so they are unique shapes, cool details and have really high ceilings. That definitely makes up for looking outside at a parking garage.

What place in your town do you think is the most beautiful at the holidays?

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