Helping the Men in Our Lives Stay Healthy

No one really likes to go to the doctor. It seems like men as a gender in general are known for avoiding those who wear white coats.

Oscar Insurance put together a great infographic for Men’s Health Week (this week) and apparently June is Men’s Health Month. Most wives probably realize long before walking down the aisle, that part of the role they will play in their partner’s life includes encouraging him to be healthy. 

I feel that it’s important to keep up on preventative health measures. That means tackling the uncomfortable topics and knowing your risk factors for health problems that run in your family. This infographic is by no means all inclusive, but it’s good place to start figuring out what needs checked and when. Men are 24% less likely to go to the doctor than women, that means they may just need someone in their lives to encourage them to make an appointment.



Obviously the information in Oscar Insurance’s infographic is for general knowledge, every person’s medical needs are different, check with your doctor on when you are due for checkups and preventative testing. If you’re in the New York, New Jersey, and soon to be California and Texas, you can check out some of the unique measures Oscar has taken to make these healthcare even easier. For example, they have a Doctor on Call tool where you can call your doctor right through Oscar’s app and ask a question or simple health advice without having to actually go to the doctors for an appointment. So if you’re in the area, make sure to check out their new type of health insurance plans.

I received nothing in return for writing this post, just the cute infographic.

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