Fun with Corks

I saw wine cork letters on Pinterest a few years ago and decided, “Hey, I’m going to make one of those!”

Not being a wino, I didn’t have access to a large number of wine corks so I asked family members and friends if they would save their corks for me. And they did! A few months later, I had enough corks for my monogram, but the corks kept coming!

Using a cardboard template that I made, I laid out all of the corks for the monogram exactly where I wanted them to go, then I fired up the glue gun and started gluing the corks together in the pattern.


Since I had plenty of corks, I worked on a little cork board for the kitchen to hang pictures and cards on.

Any additional leftover corks make a cute centerpiece. They actually sell wine cork vase filler. Where’s the fun in that?

It’s pretty easy to hold onto the corks when you’re collecting them for a project using a centerpiece, once you open the wine bottle, you just toss the cork into the bowl. You could also use a cork keeper decor piece like these from Amazon but they’re a little pricier ($20-40 range):


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