Friday Five: Pondering

Things I’ve been thinking about lately… maybe you have some input to share?

  1.  Should I make a Facebook page for my blog? I feel like a lot of blogs have Facebook pages and I wonder if it would be worth it for mine. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, does it help? Did you notice a difference after adding the page? If you just read, would you want to be a Facebook fan of Probably Rachel?
  2. Is it possible to fracture something by sneezing too hard? Like a rib or your sternum? I definitely inherited my dad’s strong sneezes. He used to forgo the tissues and sneeze into a paper towel since he sneezed so hard. I don’t have horrible allergies so I don’t sneeze a lot, but when I do, it’s intense. I’ve bashed my need on the bottom of my desk because sneezing is apparently a whole-body thing.
  3. Where are the strange plants coming from? I recently noticed a light pink petunia in the old play area in our back yard (that has a bright future as a patio some day). There was also what looked like some long grass growing up between the house and back sidewalk, when I pulled it, I discovered it was a chive plant. I’m seriously confused… these things weren’t there last year when we moved in.

    This is a petunia, right?

  4. Why do the best project ideas pop into my head when I’m elbows-deep in another project? I’ve been working on a kind of complicated refashion for awhile. I’ve made and remade it a few times and not been happy with the progress. In the meantime, I’ve had some fantastic ideas for other things, so now I have this quandary… do I put the existing project aside and pick up another or do I trudge trough the existing project and just get it done?
  5. Of course… What happened to customer service?

What’s on your mind lately?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Pondering

  1. Thanks for coming by to comment on my blog. I’m glad to have found yours! I haven’t noticed many folks coming to the blog from facebook or vice versa. Twitter has been the far better social media outlet for me/my blog.

  2. It is indeed possible to fracture a rib while sneezing but more likely coughing. Neither are likely to hurt the sternum… But may inflame connective tissues.
    Regardless… Ouch

  3. I made a Facebook page for my blog for the pure fact that I felt guilty about denying friend requests to so many people. I like MY Facebook page to be private, but I like the publicity of Facebook for my blog. I’ve also noticed that there are some people who are not on twitter, so it definitely helps me to reach those people.

  4. I have a Facebook page for my blog but really only my friends from my private Facebook account “Like” it. I haven’t found many people in the DOC finding my Facebook page so I probably could have done without it, although it does help to alert my friends when I have new posts because they probably wouldn’t follow it otherwise (although I’ve only got about 15 of my 1,000+ friends “Liking” my page :-P)

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