Friday Five: First-World Problems

Sometimes we complain about the most trivial or ridiculous things.

The barista spelled my name wrong on my skinny caramel latte cup this morning.

These complaints have been humorously dubbed on the internet as “First World Problems” often hashtagged #firstworldprobs on Twitter. I this as a way to acknowledge that the complaint is trivial and in many ways we’re lucky to be able to complain about that.

Okay… onto the recent occurrences that have been dubbed first world problems…

1. “I reheated soup in the microwave and the container got hot but the soup didn’t.”

2. “My Instagram photo of my husband got a like from a male stripper service.” (The fact that this group follows me on Instagram can be dubbed a frequent bridal show attendee problem!)

3. “Where’s the remote?” “Under the cat.” 

4. “Autocorrect keeps changing ‘like’ to ‘Luke.’I don’t even know any Lukes!”

5. “My phone is 10 months old. Wonder if I should replace it for the next new thing…”


The cold temperatures returned along with snow… again or still… or something. This winter is really bringing a lot of people down. Hopefully if you’re trudging through the winter blues as many of us are, the first-world problems above gave you a chuckle.

Voting for the blog awards has been extended through the weekend, so please consider voting for my Tea Party Dress Refashion for Best DIY Post!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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