Cooking With Wine

Wine is bottled poetry.

Robert Louis Stevenson

When we bought our house, the previous owners has a Tuscan/Wine theme running from the kitchen through the dining room. We attacked the dining room before we even moved in because… well yellow. We recently made a few small additions to the dining room but the biggest project that’s been lingering was the kitchen.


Although still a bit wine-y, the kitchen was anything but poetry. Here are the photos from the real estate company’s listing: Here’s what it looked like after we first moved in:



We started the slow kitchen makeover process by replacing the fridge, even though that caused some headaches and demolition issue. That was followed by the range and a matching range hood.  

The dishwasher stays… for now at least. Then we picked paint colors and reviewed our flooring options and set to work.


We painted the walls in Valspar’s Wine Glass that worked great with our cabinets and the brick backslash/soffits. I was amazed at how many people expected us to ditch the brick right away. We both really like the warmth and texture of the brick.

We peeled off the old vinyl baseboards and properly sealed/insulated the gap between the floor and wall in the old breakfast nook area. The last pieces of the makeover included handing stuff on the walls to complete the theme and make it so we’re always cooking with wine!



The kitchen makeover was much more in-depth than the main bath makeover and definitely more intensive than the Harry Potter Bathroom refresh! I still wouldn’t call it a renovation because we didn’t tear anything major out, just the range hood, yucky trim and a door frame that’s since been replaced. At this moment in time, I can say that every room in our house is the right color!

There are a few minor things we want to do that include getting some sort of sidebar or movable island to add prep space and eventually replace the dishwasher, but all in all we’re very happy in our new kitchen. A big thanks to the family members who gave us gift cards and cash for the work we wanted to do on the house! We also appreciate the gifts of art and new kitchen towels/potholders and especially the help laying the new flooring and moving the appliances!



  • Valspar Paint – Wine Glass
  • Whirlpool refrigerator

Home Depot:

  • Flooring
  • Foam floor sealant

Best Buy:

  • Electrolux gas range (Whirlpool range hood was ordered direct from Whirlpool)

Bed, Bath and Beyond:

  • Wine art


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  2. Cute! The red wine color is soooo much better than whatever you call the original. I can’t tell if it’s just the picture, or if the original color was like a weird speckled yellow? But whatever, your updates look great!

    • The original color was like a texture cream/tan mix that matched the counters. At first we thought it was wall paper, but we found out it was paint.

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