Cleveland: Getting Better Acquainted

We moved to the Cleveland suburbs about 3 1/2 years ago from elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. I’d say our transplant here was successful, but sometimes I feel like a bad resident because there are things that are so “Cleveland” that we haven’t yet done.

For 2015, I’ve got a few Cleveland-specific things that I’d like to do:

  • See a show at Playhouse Square (just got the tickets)
  • Check out at least one historic site or museum
  • Attend a local festival
  • Visit more of the top-ranked Cleveland restaurants

What should I add?

Brad rocking his “Cleveland is my home” shirt

In order to make myself feel better, here are some of the things I’ve done since moving here:

  • Attended events for all three major sports teams. I’ve been to several Indian’s games, a Browns game and a Cavs game
  • The Cleveland Air Show
  • The Cleveland Autoshow
  • Attended a comedy show at Hilarities
  • Participated in Cleveland Restaurant Week
  • Visited Tower City and checked out the view from the observation deck of Terminal Tower
  • Saw the Chandelier

Have you transplanted to a new city? 

What are some of the must-do or must-see things in your area?

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