Blank Page

Do you ever have random thoughts that you want to share, but just aren’t sure of the forum? Things that would be written in a diary if you had one, but in this age all you have is a blog, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and none of them feel like just the right venue?

These are those thoughts… for me. Some people may call this a brain dump.

  • Sometimes being passionate about things gets me into trouble.
  • I’m not unfulfilled because I’m not a mom.
  • Cat hair and my black clothing must be magnetic. Thank God for whoever invented lint rollers.
  • Every blank page is an opportunity for something.
  • Orchids bloom in the winter because I need something bright in my life.
  • Do feminine product makers really think I want to publicly tweet them my thoughts on their products?
  • My office needs some rubber ducky in its life.
  • Why do people keep leaving things in my car?


One thought on “Blank Page

  1. I too have random ideas pop in my head all the time. I like the idea of just dumping them into one post like you did. What I should do is put my ideas in a post and draft it and do that for like a week and post it on a certain day each week! I love orchids btw!

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