Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

My birthday may have fallen on a short day, but the only thing it was short of was time. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I had a fantastic birthday weekend.


I stayed at work late on Friday to say goodbye to the woman who hired me and until Friday was my supervisor. She has moved on to new opportunities and created a few of them for me as well. Brad ended up ordering Chinese for me to pick up on the way home for dinner.

When I got home, there were roses waiting for me and Stella Artois in the fridge. Stella + sesame chicken + the couch made for a nice low-key evening.



Being the horrible birthday girl that I am, I had planned to run errands on Saturday. Brad had other plans. He treated me to breakfast and let me squeeze in on errand before treating me to a surprise afternoon.

I was instructed to dress nicely and wear comfortable shoes. Our afternoon birthday adventure included three official stops and a Starbucks break.

Stop #1: Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Stop #2: Dinner at L’Albatros

Stop #3: Dessert at Coquette Patisserie

The entire adventure took place in University Circle, a very walkable neighborhood that also offered excellent access to EV charging for the Volt.

And now to the picture part of the story:

Orchid Selfie!

Irish Coffee & Tiramisu


My mom and her husband came to visit on my birthday and we had a nice afternoon.

How was your weekend?



6 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Rachel, I’m very sorry I’m only getting here now to comment. THIS sounds like a fantastic birthday. I was born in Cincinnati, but I’ve been to Cleveland many times, and I (sort of) know the places you’re talking about in your post.

    Thanks for being such a great part of this community. I look forward to reading much more in the future!

    P.S. I think the fact that you have a Volt is very cool.

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