A Quick Recap of February, Love Hearts and Surgery

My monthly parking tag was hot pink for the month of February. How fitting for a month dedicated the hearts, roses and mushy romantic stuff.

Normally, I like February and this year was no exception. Although, I could have done without living through the coldest one ever on record for NEO! My month started off great, riding the high from my awesome Plain Dealer feature. Mid month was nice with Valentine’s Day and then eventful with an office move. Then I celebrated Brad’s birthday.

But February was capped off with a more serious heart-related event. Brad’s younger brother went in for open heart surgery. How fitting that February is National Heart Month? Although we knew it was coming, he and his parents had the information and stats, the actual day of surgery brought all the normal feelings associated with a healthy, 20-year-old man having open heart surgery.

He came through it like a champ. At the end of the day, you can be at the best place in the world for heart care (hello Cleveland Clinic!), know the facts, be aware of all of the stats, but there is nothing like seeing your loved one awake and whole after surgery.

Even though this cold February has thankfully ended, keep your heart in mind. Be nice to it, be aware of what it does for you.

Now I get to adjust to someone in the family being much more bionic than I am!

Huggable guts make great get-well gifts by the way, just make sure you know whether the recipient will find it cute or creepy first.

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