A Short Birthday

I got a little disappointed this week when I noticed that my birthday falls on the dreaded “spring forward” day light savings. I will have a 23 hour birthday. I will lose an hour of sleep on my birthday. Poor me, too bad “pity” can’t be a party theme.

In all seriousness, the fact that my birthday falls on a clock-change day is in no way a big deal. It isn’t even a little deal. The actual deal is that my birthday falls on a Sunday and I like having weekend birthdays.

The 23-hour birthday is only fair because one year I had a 27-hour birthday!

I what magical, mysterious, scientifically impossible way did I ever have a 27-hour birthday?

Well, I happened to be in Seattle on my 22nd birthday. So when my birthday first started in my own time zone, it was 3 hours ahead of me. Then my birthday ended in the time zone where I was, I’d been turning 22 for a whole 27 hours.

Bring on the 23-hour birthday!

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