Friday Five: Birthday Edition

I doubt that I’ll be one of those women who dreads birthdays. I may lament that I’m old some days, but never on my birthday. I figured today, I would share five birthday memories that made me smile as I approached one more year older.

1. For either my 6th or 7th birthday (childhood gets a little foggy sometimes), my parents gave me a yellow stuffed bunny that reminded me of my cake so I called it Frosting. Frosting currently lives in my attic.

2. I volunteered to participate in a work weekend at our church camp over my 15th birthday. When one of the organizers found out it was my birthday, he got cake and ice cream and all of the volunteers celebrated with me.

3. For my 19th birthday, Northeast Ohio had a legitimate blizzard and most of the area shut down, canceling the fancy dinner plans that Brad had made for us. His family came out and got me, we played in the snow, had a private dinner made for us and they made me a cake. The next day, when clearing out got started, my siblings came over and I got another party. Dinner reservations were remade and my birthday lasted a lot longer.

That’s a man skiing down the street

4. On my 21st birthday, I had balloons tied to me.

5. I celebrated my 22nd birthday in beautiful Seattle and got a few extra hours tacked onto my day.

See the Pike Place Market behind us?

As an added bonus, I can say that for this birthday, I got my very own Google Doodle! Google sure knows how to make a girl feel special.

When I mouse over it says: Happy Birthday Rachel!

When I mouse over it says: Happy Birthday Rachel!

What are some of your favorite birthday memories?


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