B is for “Baking”

C is for “Cookie.” D is for “Donut.”

(or doughnut, what have we settled on?)


At Brad’s request for chocolate chip cookies, I scoured Melissa’s blog for the recipe for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie she’d posted not that long ago (found here). I would eat just about anything made by Melissa, so I knew that the recipe had to be good. These cookies lived up to their lofty label. Cookies tend to end up with a weird texture and usually get hard or crunchy but these remained at the “just right” level of chewiness.

They don’t have to look good to taste good.

I tend to sub things out in my recipes because I either don’t have an ingredient or want to cut the carbs. I subbed out about half the sugar for Stevia and mixed semi-sweet chocolate chips with white chocolate chips. The cookies were bolus worthy and I’d be lying if I said I never used them to treat a low (or three).


I have no idea how I’d come up with new things to make if you lovely people didn’t blog about cooking and baking! After reading Lisa‘s baked donut post, I wrote “biscuits” on my shopping list. This weekend, we shook up our boring coffee and cereal breakfast routine and baked up some donut goodness (and still had coffee). I followed Lisa’s easy instructions but left out the food coloring, used olive oil instead of vegetable and sprinkled them with cinnamon while baking… which made the kitchen smell heavenly!







I guess that my version was really a donut, cinnamon roll hybrid.

Based on the exact brands/ingredients that I used (note: “I used” not necessarily from the original recipes) the cookies were about 28g of carbs a piece and the donuts were about 18g of carbs each.

7 thoughts on “B is for “Baking”

  1. So glad you tried out and enjoyed the chocolate chips! I LOVE adding white chocolate chips to my cookies, but have never tried Stevia. Did you notice a difference in taste or texture?

    • I didn’t have your perfect chocolate chip cookies to measure against… Brad didn’t point out any differences, which is a big deal because he usually detects artificial sweeteners (Stevia is natural, but I put it in that group anyway).

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