Awesome Holidays

To be perfectly honest, I was feeling a little grinchy after having to postpone my decorating two additional days (due to traveling) and then shooing the cats away from the Christmas tree yet again. (Apparently Old Time Potter sells the tastiest trees.)

I figured I would take this month’s Awesome Link Up as an opportunity to identify everything that I think is awesome about the holidays.

1. Twinkling Christmas lights

2. Sparkly and shimmery holiday outfits

3. My husband’s work party this weekend at the beautiful downtown Arcade (again)

4. Cozy scarves

5. Snowflake ornaments, jewelry, plates, etc.

6. Keepsake ornaments


7. Kooky ornaments


8. Packages arriving with the perfect gift for a loved one inside

9. Wreaths

10. Being surrounded with love

What’s awesome about the holiday season for you?

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9 thoughts on “Awesome Holidays

  1. How can you NOT love everything about this season!? It’s just the best! Parcels arriving to be wrapped and placed under the tree, I love that. Especially when it *is* perfect and you can tell when they open it!

  2. I love the ornaments…the sentimental and crazy ones. We have plenty of each here too. I’m also a he fan of Christmas lights and warm.cozy scarves. Thanks for linking up!

    • I love that they keep hosting the party there, it’s beautiful all year long, but the holidays are the best. Arcades like it are prettier versions of malls. The 4th-7th floors are old offices converted into hotel rooms.

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