An Anniversary and a Facebook Page

Before I tell you my news about Facebook, I need to tell you why today is special…

Seven Years

Today marks seven years that Brad and I have been the couple known as “Brad and Rachel.” More or less, it’s been seven years since Brad told me that we’re humans.

Us in Cleveland in 2008. Long before we knew we’d get married and move here.


We don’t celebrate our dating anniversary specifically anymore, but I feel that it’s important to acknowledge that our relationship started long before we got married. Because of the way our life together played out, we dated for a long time and were engaged for a long time before we actually tied the knot and just because we’re Mr. and Mrs. now those years shouldn’t be forgotten.



It’s kind of a policy of mine to only be Facebook friends with people who I really know offline. Although I consider many people from the internet my friends, it’s just a personal preference.

After connecting with many blogs on Facebook and seeing how people connect with bloggers on that platform, I’ve decided that it’s about time that had its own Facebook page.

It is my hope that I’ll be able to have rewarding interaction with my online friends in that venue.

Also, I’m really glad that Facebook doesn’t limit how many pages one person can administer. Due to the nature of my work, I administer 12 Facebook pages at least right now.

Feel free to like me on Facebook and share your pages with me too!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a fun product review and giveaway, as well as submit great blogs and awesome comment givers in the Best of ‘Betes Blog Awards that I’m hosting next Monday.

Happy Monday friends!

One thought on “An Anniversary and a Facebook Page

  1. Aww you and Brad sound like my hubby and me. We dated a while and were engaged for a while before getting married. I still like to celebrate the “dating” anniversary 😉

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