A Toast to My Friend

Today marks another year the the world has had my wonderful friend, Natalie, in it.

Two weeks ago I got to raise a toast to her and her husband in celebration of their marriage. Today I raise my latte to her in celebration of her birthday!

Brad’s and my first date, and the people who set us up.

Natalie and I have been friends for a decade and she continues to play a huge role in my life. The biggest being the blind date that she set me up on seven years ago… then she stood beside me when I married that guy!

A happy event

We’ve been there for and with each other through a lot, ranging from the happiest events in our lives so far to some of the darkest times we’ve had.

A another happy event

You know how you have friends, close friends and family members? Then there are those people in your life who are such close friends, you sometimes forget that you aren’t related? That’s Natalie and her husband, Tyler.

I’m so happy that life worked out in a way that has allowed us to live in the same city again, at least for the last two years.

Happy Birthday Natalie!

When I look at the pictures that Natalie and I have together, it seems that we like to wear fancy dresses.

2 thoughts on “A Toast to My Friend

  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you! You know that you’ve been like a sister to me over these last 10(?) years and Tyler and I were talking last night about how even when we move, Mentor isn’t very far and we will still be able to celebrate all of life’s big (and little) occasions together. I look forward to many more birthdays spent together. 🙂

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