The other neighbors

Our neighbors here on the second floor are mostly older. The neighbor on one side is in her 90s and the neighbor on the other side is in her 80s and we have a sweet 60-70ish Italian lady just down the hall (who I blame for making our mouths water with the amazing food smells in her section of the hall). These ladies are sweethearts, they all kind of take care of each other and have developed an interest in me.

The other day, we were expecting a couple of friends and had just returned home from work so the apartment door was unlocked. I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when I heard the apartment door open. Thinking someone downstairs had simply held the door open for our friends, I called out a bright, “Hello!” while closing the dishwasher and turning around to find my 80-something neighbor in mid-startle. She had been looking down at whatever she was carrying that she had gone a door too far and wandered right into our apartment.

She was utterly embarrassed and apologetic, but the situation was just too funny. When we relayed the story to one of our other neighbors in the hall the next day she said, “I was looking down and didn’t even see the pretty wreath that would have told me I wasn’t at my own door and then when I saw that big television, I knew I was in the wrong place!”

Our winter wreath made from upcycled wedding leftovers

That’s when they found out that I make my wreaths. These ladies are unobtrusive, so I haven’t complained written about them before like I did with the young men upstairs. They say hello to me in the hallway, make sure to let us know when there might have been a flood in the storage room and compliment every decoration I put on our door.

So now the pressure is on to make a new creative wreath for spring. Feel free to share ideas with me on Pinterest!


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