A few reasons why life is good

Things in my life are pretty good right now. Here are just a few points:

  • My mom moved to Ohio with a position as an independent contractor doing personal training at a fitness club. This week, the place where she really wanted to work offered her the position that she really wanted to have. Also, it’s closer to where she’s living and pays benefits. I love seeing people congratulate her and say uplifting things. I also love that people who don’t even know her are conveying their congratulations through me. It makes me happy when people support those I love.
  • It’s a short week. I love my job and I love flex time because Friday starts our anniversary (first anniversary!) weekend and our little getaway and neither of us have to use our vacation time that we’re hoarding saving.
  • We have plans for our vacation time that are incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to tell you about them soon. Very soon.
  • My orchid sprouted a new leaf and my blossom still looks pretty. The crazy plant lady inside me is smiling.20120522-152540.jpg
  • We discovered gummy vitamins for adults. Call me immature, but they’re pretty amazing. This may be on the side of TMI, but I have problems with my daily multivitamin upsetting my stomach (as in, I’ve actually thrown up my vitamin before it’s that bad and I can take pills). Since I have to combat low vitamin D among a bunch of other stuff this is a success. Gummies for the win!
  • My Mazda continues to hold its lovely new car smell so in order to keep it that way, I have decided to put my new car air freshener in my office. So my workspace smells like a Vanilla Lime Yankee Candle and my lamp is coming in handy.20120522-152548.jpg
  • This Tumblr makes me smile on a daily basis because I’ve been there.

What’s making you happy right now?


Note added: Also, thanks everyone who has been asking about my mouth. Everything seems to be healing/healed just fine and checked out with the surgeon during my follow-up.

6 thoughts on “A few reasons why life is good

  1. i may have killed my orchid 🙁 okay, i admit, i killed my orchid. it was beautiful, but i’m not a plant person (black thumb). i should get a fake one. can’t kill fake plants.

    • My orchid is thriving, but I fear I may be killing my bamboo… and I thought bamboo would be easy. Not only can you not kill fake plants, fake plants always look pretty (even in their off season)

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