The Two Dollar Tunic

Awhile ago, I tweaked this dress top that I got at Nordstrom Rack for $2. Yes, I got a clothing item at Nordstrom Rack for only two bucks! Even better, it was on the Rack’s clearance rack sandwiched between a top that was $79 and one that was $120… they were also on “clearance.”

I just never posted the project until now.

So here’ the dressing room picture that I took.. more than 2 years ago.

Can I say that I hate the lights they put in dressing rooms? It’s not the best picture, but you can probably tell that the shirt was long and made me look wide. You probably can’t see that the whole neckline is too low (even though it was “my size”).

The first thing that I did was separate the shoulder area of the neckline and shortened it that pulled up the neckline and arm openings to a more comfortable place.

Next, I took each side in about an inch and shortened the stop (leaving the scrap for this headband). I wasn’t thrilled with the way the bottom fell so I took in each side at the very bottom a bit more to make it a little snug at my hips rather than flowy, which keeps the shape of the top and its wearer.

The last thing I did was re-sew some of the beads on the top.

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