Love Notes

Today is Valentine’s Day. In general, it’s a day of heart, flowers, cards and candies.

This year, there has been much more emphasis on other forms of love, beyond romantic love. Which is wonderful!

Brad knows I love coffee too!

I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who is incredibly caring and thoughtful and I love him more each day. I’m also blessed to have so much more love around me with an ever-growing family by DNA and by marriage, wonderful friends, caring coworkers and fabulous readers. I was so encouraged by the comments on a couple of recent posts that came from my heart and I wasn’t sure anyone would connect with. Thank you all!

So here’s a Friday Five that’s all about Love:

  1. Romantic Love, even if it isn’t all romance. There are so many posts about Brad and how great of a husband he is, but I’m looking back at this one today: The Ones Who Love Us.
  2. Love of Family. I have a large family, I write about them here and there, yesterday’s post however resonated with many in my family, if you missed it, please read: My Mom is Getting Married.
  3. Love Remembered. Love doesn’t end when you lose someone. The lessons that my father taught me and the love that my grandmother shared are a part of me and how I live my life.
  4. Friend Love. Sometimes I wonder if I could have gotten through a lot of things without my friends. Friends like Natalie make life much sweeter.
  5. Loving Strangers. Doing good, helping others, savings lives. There’s still time to Spare a Rose and share some love.

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What kinds of love are you celebrating today?



Sweetest Day Weekend and a Variety of ‘Weds

I didn’t realize it was Sweetest Day on Saturday until I was browsing Facebook while brushing my teeth on Saturday morning. (Yes, I probably have bedhead and a mouth full of minty fresh foam when I like your pictures and statuses.)

Brad and I celebrated Sweetest Day once upon a time… a long time ago. Before we were a couple. Seven years ago we went on our first date on October 4th (set up by my friend). Our third date was on Sweetest Day and we were in that stage of our relationship when you don’t know if you’re a real couple of just kind of going out. Brad gave me a little potted yellow rose plant… which died approximately two weeks later around the time we decided we were a real couple. Aside from saying “Happy Sweetest day, dear” to each other, that was the last time we celebrated Sweetest Day.

Anyway, we spent Saturday with the newlyweds (my friend Natalie and her husband Tyler) helping them paint at their new home. I can tell that they’ll be happy in their house, but I’m sad it’s an hour drive away instead of the five minutes they used to be.

The husbands

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A Garden Tea Bridal Shower

I’ve been chatting about my friend’s bridal shower and the day finally came on Sunday. Here it is as wordless as possible….

The menu: a selection of vegetables (the veggie dip bowls were red peppers!), fruit salad, tea sandwiches (cucumber with chive cream cheese, classic chicken salad, ham and cheese and good old peanut butter and jelly), pasta salad and garden cupcakes. All complimented by sweet and unsweetened tea, lemonade, strawberry lemonade sangria and wine.

Each place setting had a BRIDE Bingo card, trivia questions about the couple and a unique, handmade tea cup candle (should I post instructions on how to make these?). The centerpieces were tiny teapots with flowers.

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It Takes a Village

In my case, I have a small communication agency as my village (small as in number of employees).

There are a lot of things going on that the people I work with have been involved in from confirming my employment a million times to fixing and cleaning my laptop and helping me with my tire problem.


It had to puncture in a place that can’t be patched

My tire had a piece of metal stick out of it Thursday morning when I left for work. Continue reading