Refashioned Pink Cardigan

Only on a rare occasion will you hear me call a cardigan a “cardi” I think it sounds a bit odd. But anyway, I love cardigans.

I’m more likely to be found wearing a cardigan sweater instead of  a traditional sweater like my light pink sweater… that may or may not have been purchased in the girls’ department several years ago.

If it’s a size large in my closet… it came from the girls’ department

I liked the pinkish, peach of the sweater, the pearl details and its soft look but I didn’t really wear it very much because I’m not a fan of pulling static-inducing sweaters over my head.

I love the dainty detail

I measured and cut straight down the middle of the front. Sewed the edges and affixed a little ribbon tie. Now I have a cute little “cardi.”

Much better

Do you refashion any of your clothing?


7 thoughts on “Refashioned Pink Cardigan

    • Great plan to refashion something that’s shrunk! As I get more into altering my own clothes, I’m finding that I can rescue some things that have been damaged or stained as well as make something that I rarely wore into something that I love.

      Good luck with your refashion!

  1. That sweater turned out really cute. Great idea! and no, I don’t refashion my clothes. Lacking in creativity in that area.

    • I was a little bit concerned about unraveling, but it was a pretty tight knit, so as soon as I made the slice down the middle, I rolled and pinned the edges under and stitched a hem. I don’t think I would do this with anything very open-knit.

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