Christmas-Hating Cats and Etsy Pick-ups by Santa

You know how I mentioned that my cats like to chew on the Christmas tree?

Well, they tried to kill it this week. While Brad and I were making dinner the other night, he noticed Watson was playing with something and went over to check it out. It was a Christmas light plug. So I went and checked the plugs by the outlet (tree was not plugged in yet) and they were fine. Which meant digging into our Christmas tree to locate the damaged string and to make sure that no other strings were chewed through as well.

Their disdain for Christmas has been noted. #catsofinstagram #occupytree

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If you think about it, everything that goes along with the holidays really does interrupt our pets’ daily lives. My cats have a very quiet existence and a pretty stable schedule, so the holidays kind of derail their little lives. All of a sudden there’s a giant tree in the living room, boxes appear, we are gone at different times, people come to visit and their humans try to wrap things in paper rather than pet them.

I can’t blame them for being thrown off, but killing a string of Christmas lights was very frustrating.


In other news, I quietly opened an Etsy store last month and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the activity in my shop. It started as teacup candles and a vintage hat that I decided not to keep. Now it’s all candles but the selection and candle inventory will grow.

I shipped an order earlier this week. I left it in the pick-up box at work and ended up leaving the office behind the mail carrier. Have I mentioned that our carrier looks like Santa Claus? (Yes, I have)

He has the white hair and white beard to match, this year he added the hat for his holiday route. I learned last year that he plays Santa at his family celebrations. So, if you order from my shop, I happen to have a direct line to Santa for transport.

I’m also related to another Santa, but that’s a different story (and a different guy).

  • How are your pets handling the holidays? 
  • Any tips for making Christmas trees and lights not taste good?
  • Do you know Santa?

Don’t forget! My Jamberry party is still going on and my Pump Peelz coupon code is good through January!

4 thoughts on “Christmas-Hating Cats and Etsy Pick-ups by Santa

    • No need to hang your head! I didn’t announce it loudly or anything, wanted to get my feet wet and it’s going well! I have a huge candle inventory that I need to list more in my shop!

  1. Ha – I first interpreted your post title as Christmas, hating cats . . . . and I wondered why you were hating cats so much!! But ah ha, the cats hate Christmas (and tried to wreck the tree) – I’m with ya now. K.C. is basically terrified of the tree at first, but then decided the tree skirt is a new blanket for her to lay on. No chewing, but in the past she has batted ornaments around. I put my hand-knit ones on the bottom of the tree now because they aren’t breakable. 🙂

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