Three Months In

Brad and I marked three months of marriage yesterday. A lot has happened in three months…. more than some people experience in three years of marriage (but I think the folks with 30 years or so definitely have us beat).

We were catching up with friends and were discussing marriage vows and how ours have already been tested (and proven!).

Since saying “I do” (well actually, we said “I will”) we’ve experienced so much:


Better: We had a fantastic honeymoon that was fun and relaxing and we’ve both landed jobs in our fields since tying the knot.


Worse: This is probably pretty obvious. Coming home from our honeymoon to find that my father was back in the hospital and finally losing him to cancer on top of dealing with my own hospitalization and DKA.


Richer: Although I wouldn’t call us rich by any means, being 22 and both employed means we’re making more money than we have ever made in our lives. (That doesn’t take much, we were recently poor college kids.) We are able to move into a nice apartment and we could replace my high-mileage 13-year-old car with a new car.


Poorer: When we got married, neither of us had jobs because my internship had ended and he had worked for the University. Starting a life together with no employment is scary. It wasn’t until July that we both started working again.


Sickness: I thought I had the stomach flu and Brad took care of me and finally convinced me to go to the doctor which saved my life. (Click here for the whole story.) The most sick Brad’s been since we got married is a severe case of allergies and a super sensitive filling.


Health: Since being treated for my illness, I am feeling the best I have in weeks. Brad is rarely sick so he’s the health part of our marriage.

I know that I’m looking at the sum of our marriage over three months and there are a ton of memories packed into a very tiny time period. I can’t wait to see how many are packed into our first year… Believe it or not, we have more positive events to remember. And I’d like to keep it that way!

10 thoughts on “Three Months In

  1. I was just thinking about you (and all of this) during this past weekend, thinking just that: SO much has happened since you’ve gotten married. I hope all is as well as can be, and you and Brad are happy. God bless! =)

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