There’s no autopilot

The other evening, I was laying in bed thinking (this is why I have such trouble falling asleep). I’d had nearly three days of no-hitters on my Dexcom and hadn’t had a major high or low blood sugar, nor was I dealing with appetite issues, I was finally over my cold and I felt healthy again. I actually thought the word “autopilot” and at some point drifted off to sleep.

Then I woke up yesterday morning with a blood sugar of 183. I woke up early because I was attending a conference on the other side of the city. Before I left I was still reading in the 180s. I took more insulin and left. I had coffee for breakfast at the conference. The continental breakfast they provided looked amazing, they had pastries, muffins, fruit, bagels and parfaits to name a few items. All I could do was the coffee. All of the beautiful lunch that I enjoyed were the mixed vegetables, a big salad, a little bit of the chicken and a chocolate truffle (for which diabetes made me pay dearly). I passed up the cocktail part of the cocktail reception and had a piece of cheese. Dinner at home was similarly low carb, grilled chicken and broccoli.

I was hungry. All day.

I was frustrated. All day.

That’s what I get for thinking I was on autopilot, or even daring to be happy with my diabetes management. One little reminder that you can follow all the rules, stick strictly to a plan and still fail (or feel like you’ve failed) because your immune system is moronic.

But today was a new day. I woke up at a glorious 88 mg/dL.

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