The Husband’s Birthday Weekend

My husband celebrated his birthday on Thursday, we decided to do most of our celebrating this weekend.

My in-laws came up on Saturday and we sent the guys off to the Cleveland Auto Show where they claim to have enjoyed themselves. They got to look at, sit in, ride in and even test drive some pretty cool cars.

Brad actually grabbed this video of the Jeep Experience while he was waiting in line to participate (Check out how many Jeeps they have running the course and everything happening in the background!):

Then after some serious deliberation, we dined at Bahama Breeze in Orange Village. (Apparently we really like Caribbean food. Two of our new favorite places are Caribbean.) Instead of staying and enjoying the delicious-sounding desserts there, we came back to our place and had Baily’s Irish Cream cheesecake that I made from scratch!

The birthday cheesecake

I found this recipe on Pinterest. I made some minor changes, like not using a spring form pan and we used coffee flavored Baily’s instead of the original.


On Leap Years such as this one, we get to celebrate our birthdays exactly two weeks apart… so for now I get to call him old.


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