Sweet Melissa

Every so often my friend Brooke and I meet up for dinner somewhere in the area. I look forward to connecting up with her and trying out new places. It dawned on me today, that maybe I should write about where we go so that when we have stellar food, my Cleveland-area readers can hear about it and when we have a bad experience we can warn people away!

We met for dinner on Monday at Sweet Melissa in Rocky River. The first time I heard about this place, I thought it was an ice cream shop or dessert place, Brooke assured me that they serve “regular” food and that it had become a favorite of her out of town family. They do have a great-looking case full of desserts though.

{Photo via @sweet_melissas on Twitter}

It’s a cute place with a pretty decent-size menu. I struggled between the Megan’s Chicken Wrap and Denise’s Pulled Chicken Tacos for a bit before deciding on the tacos and a side of sweet potato fires (because sweet potato fries are amazing!). The scent of lobster bisque at the next table convinced Brooke to go the soup and salad route with a cup of her own lobster bisque and the butternut squash salad.

When our food came out, I wasn’t expecting a plate of three tacos and a big cup of the fries. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture to show you how much food was actually there!

Before we actually went to Sweet Melissa, I took to Twitter to ask was was good and not only were my chicken tacos recommended, the blackened shrimp salad was recommended and @sweet_melissas let me know that their popular dishes are the pumpkin gnocchi, pulled chicken tacos, king Cobb salad and pork rib eye…. the tacos were apparently a wonderful choice!

Brooke’s summarizing comment is, “The atmosphere is great and so is the food.”


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