Super Bowl 50: Snack & Ads

This is the first year I’ve actually known what the Super Bowl number was because they cut the Roman numerals… “L” just isn’t impressive under “Super Bowl.”

Someone asked me who I was rooting for, the Panthers, Broncos or Snacks & Ads. I had to pick “snacks & ads” because I spent the evening on Twitter commenting on the ads. Here’s my quick rundown…

The Super Bowel

I was surprised to see the Pharma ads, which leaned very heavily toward the bowel end of the industry with the OIC and Xifaxan.

The Expected

Doritos, Butterfinger, T-Mobile, Avocados from Mexico and pretty much every car manufacturer was on target for what I expected from the Super Bowl.

The “I’m just happy to be here” Persil, Advil,, Marmot, SoFi, Rocket Mortgage

The Different

Budweiser was not at all what I expected and I was disappointed. After waiting most of the game to see Clydesdales, when thy did appear, it was disappointing.

But the spot with Helen Miren was a departure from the usual as well, it was a positive departure.

The Weird PuppyMonkeyBaby and Super Bowl Babies were creepy. The entire concept between Mt. Dew’s crazy hybrid thing is just plain weird and is the stuff of nightmares. I hated it personally, but people are still talking about it so I’d say it’s a success… however their agency should probably do some random drug testing.

The Favorites

I personally liked PayPal, FitBit, Jeep, Honda Ridgeline, WeatherTech, Heinz and Intuit.

Which commercials were your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50: Snack & Ads

  1. I really enjoyed the second jeep advertisement.

    But I am an older guy so the message was really directed at me i think. I also loved the Doritos commercial you posted above (ultrasound), I liked it much better than the winning supermarket ad. I really disliked the puppymoneybaby commercials. Again older guy so probably not my demographic.

    I thought the PETA go vegan commercial was odd. Yes i get why they did it, but I am not for certain I saw the message because of the images (did I mention I am a guy?)

    I love talking commercials so of course i loved your blog.

    • Thanks for the comment Rick! Of the two Doritos commercials, I agree the ultrasound one was better. I don’t think it lived up to the Time Machine Doritos commercial from last year though.

      Could the PETA commercial have been local? I didn’t see it and haven’t see it come up on any of the other commercial reviews.

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