Social Media as Employment

I’ve been completely astounded by the positive comments on my guest blog over at tradesmeninsights.

One commenter mentioned that it is difficult to keep up with social media’s ever-changing state of being (from a marketing standpoint of course). My boss responded to him that social media could be a full time job!

That is totally true and happening all over now. If you had told me when I was 16 and enamored with MySpace that some day people could have jobs simply doing social media, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Because social media has such vast potential for low-cost but high visibility, there are actual full time jobs, and at some places departments, devoted to social media. Plus other job titles are requiring experience with and knowledge of social media. This fact is carving out a valuable piece of job real estate for my generation.

BUT I am not saying millenials are social media experts just because they use social media. The personal use helps make life easier however there is much more skill, talent, organization and hard work needed to step into a job that requires social media.

Even keeping up with social media for my own knowledge can be work sometimes!

(If you’re interested in how I’ve segmented my social presence, read more here.)


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