Procrastination and Stalking

When Procrastination Does (and Doesn’t) Pay

There’s a lot of change happening at one time when it comes to how I manage my diabetes. First there’s the new insurance, the new year and the coming of the new OmniPods. Those things kind of coincided into a minor panic the other day.

With the new insurance, ordering my pump supplies in 3-month shipments is not the best option (hello deductible!). I halted all of my supply management orders for the time being in favor of more control over timing for not only insurance but for the new pods. The last thing I want is a backlog of old pods to push through when it’s my turn for the new system. I also didn’t want to order more before the calendar year rolled over and I had a whole new deductible to meet. It already hurt my brain to have to order another medication before the year ended and count toward a 2012 deductible that would never get met.

So after the first of the year, I ordered one month’s worth of pods logged all of my new insurance information and waiting for a shipping confirmation. My order went into pending status for a couple of days before I received an email telling me to call and pay for my pods before they’d ship. I was already nervous before that because my supply was dwindling but that order date had to be a 2013 date. By the time I received a shipping confirmation I was down to two OmniPods (plus the one stuck to my arm).

Now, stocked for the next month with pods, I feel better and the deductible that I have to deal with for 2013 is already smaller.

OmniPods and a lot of wasted box space

Stalking a Pattern

A few months ago, I started experiencing what I believe to be dawn phenomenon. I caught the pattern, proposed a change to my endo and we stopped it… for awhile.

My climbing in the wee hours of the morning halted and I started waking up with a normal to slightly elevated blood sugar reading. Since it was during the holiday break, I took temporary measures and started tracking the pattern when my schedule returned to normal. With a few more days at this pattern, I was considering some basal tweaking. Then I woke up on Tuesday at 107 and didn’t rise the typical 40 or so points before breakfast and leaving for work. The rise stopped about 120. This morning I woke up at 106 and rose to 112 before breakfast.

These numbers make me happy. This is where I want to be in the morning. But they also concern me. Are these lovely numbers temporary? Will my dawn phenomenon (or whatever it actually is/was) come back? If it does, I’ll have to start tracking a pattern all over again.


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  1. I don’t have deductibles to worry about (very fortunate) but I do always run out of FSA money at the end of each year. And that’s a good idea to hold up on getting full orders of pods until the new ones become available. I’m actually going to order a new system instead of doing the upgrade because my warranty is coming up and I don’t want to be on a pump without a warranty!

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