Preparing for No D Day

I had started this post as a draft  then discovered that tomorrow is No D Day, I’m not solely a diabetic blogger, it’s just one facet of my life. Right now I’m feeling like a chemistry project.

It was a little thought I had when I was in the hospital with tests every hour and insulin, potassium and who knows what else being mainlined into me. Now it’s quite true.

I’ve been aware of my diabetes for two months and have been treating it, but I’m still not stable. Every week I email off my logs and every week I get adjusted insulin to carb ratios to follow. It’s a wonder I can keep it all straight!

For the past couple of months it seems like there’s been no break from diabetes, which is why I think tomorrow is cool. It’s kind of a social media challenge to not talk about diabetes for a day and take as much of a break from the illness as we can. There’s more info here.

PS: I’m test-driving a new theme, thoughts?


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