Pockets and the Weekend Food Battles

I use a tubeless insulin pump, so I didn’t have a device clipped to my pants or in a pocket. While I work, my PDM sits on my desk. When I leave my office, it stays on my desk or goes in my purse.

Now that I’m using a Dexcom also, I have another item to keep track of. Most of the time the receiver sits on my desk, but I’m trying to get into the habit of taking it with me when I leave my office because it can’t do its job if it can’t receive signals. I wear little pants because I’m little, which means I have little pockets. Why do girl pants have such tiny pockets?

I think I have three pairs of pants (that aren’t jeans) with adequately sized pockets for my Dexcom receiver. I also don’t own a single skirt with pockets at all.

I refuse to use the belt attachment unless I absolutely have to (and can cover it with my shirt) so for now I guess I have to carry it around.

And only buy pants with pockets in the future.

In other news:

P.F. Chang’s (which published nutritional information) defeated me and my crazy blood sugar on Friday night. At least it tasted good. But I defeated the unknown carb content in delicious ribs that we enjoyed at our local Rib n’ Rock.

How was your weekend?


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