My Curse

Since our names are our identities, I’m amazed that I’m not completely screwed up about who I am. It’s incredibly rare that any paperwork for me is accurate, I’ve come to refer to this as my curse.

At a young age, it was difficult to learn how to spell my name because both my first and last name were often spelled incorrectly and I saw so many different versions of my name that it was tough to keep track. But the curse really started when I was 16 and got my driver’s license. I lived in Massillon. My official identification indicated that I lived in Masssillon. (See the issue?) But it gets better…

1. At our wedding reception, the hall spelled both of our last names wrong on the sign

2. I had to make them redo one section of our home-buying paperwork because they spelled my first name wrong

3. The Board of Elections printed my name wrong in its records so when I went to vote they had to call the board and get approval from them for me to be able to vote

4. My last name was spelled wrong when Brad and I opened our joint bank account (his name was correct though… you know the same name) and my bank card was printed wrong as well

5. I’ve received personal mail with my name spelled “Rachel” on the note inside and “Rachael” on the envelope

Then to put icing on the curse cake, here’s the tag that was on my dress that I just picked up for my friend’s wedding:

I clearly printed my name on the paperwork and the worst part is, it looks like that sticker might have been stuck over top of a sticker that was spelled correctly.

I’ve learned to check things over carefully when official things are involved, but occasionally things slip through the cracks.

Do you have a “curse”?

8 thoughts on “My Curse

  1. People’s careless about detail can be very frustrating. I have a very short common last name and people still put an extra M in it every time….even when I spell it out multiple times…

  2. My last name is Burton which should be easy enough but I get Barton 9 times out of 10. and that’s after I’ve said Burton B U R T O N. I empathize with you. BTW my daughter’s name is Rachel.

  3. Not sure if I consider this healthy, but a lot of people like it, it’s called HoneyTree’s Imitation Honey, Sugar Free! I hope this helps with your honey dilemma!

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