Me and My Shadow

I have a shadow and it goes where ever I go.

The September DSMA Blog Carnival topic is about diabetes gear.  “Diabetes can come with a lot of baggage . . . not only emotionally but physically.  People with any type of diabetes usually have some extra stuff to carry around.”

I’ve talked about this before a few times (here, here, here and here ). I have a whole different view of make up bags than typical females. My test stuff, glucose tabs and insulin vial travel around in this little bag with me.

If I’m in the kitchen, it’s in the kitchen. If I’m at my desk, it’s on my desk. If I’m sleeping, it’s on my night stand. It’s like a little shadow.

Whether you have diabetes or not, you probably carry something around with you all the time like your own little shadow. What do you have with you everywhere you go?

This post is my September entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

10 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow

  1. Is that the beginning of an Amy Grant song? I think I’ve got the cd it’s on… or Avalon.

    My hubby actually has a fanny pack. He has a job where he’s not comfortable leaving his pdm in his backpack. It’s easier for him to carry around his pdm for his omnipod, the extra omnipod just to be safe, and his dexcom receiver.

    I actually carry a glucometer, juice box, and glucose gel in my purse (as well as a note that states I am not a diabetic, my husband is), just in case.

  2. What a cute little . . . . shadow!! I’m so paranoid about forgetting my meter that I actually have two – one that follows me around the house and one that lives in my purse all the time so I don’t go out without it. 🙂

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