Let’s Talk Timeline

For as addicted to Facebook as people seem to be, there’s a lot of confusion about Facebook Timeline. I was really intrigued and prepared for Timeline to roll out in September and then was sorely disappointed when rollout day came and went and there was no new Facebook! Come to find out it was delayed due to a lawsuit.

I’ve been using Timeline personally since around Christmas. Now, I have about half of the pages that I operate for my clients switched over and the progress feels good.

If you didn’t hear, Timeline for pages was released on Leap Day and on March 30th, every page will be on Timeline.

Why I like Timeline:

  • It looks clean
  • Cover photos are awesome (awkwardly sized, but awesome)
  • I can make things as big or small of a deal as I want
  • I can actually find those posts I vaguely remember from a couple of months ago
  • There’s no longer a need to make a scrapbook… Facebook did it for me

Our wedding photographer offered to make us a cover photo. Isn’t that cool?

Maybe I like this stuff because social media is a massive significant part of my job as a public relations professional, but I just don’t see the point in avoiding Facebook changes. I’d rather be an early-adopter and get it figured out before my friends or clients need help.

Change is change.

It happens and the easiest thing to do to cope with it is to just accept that change happens.

Every time Facebook changes, people threaten to abandon it… but they never really do. Facebook was nice this time, they let you opt into Timeline. They let you choose to change. There’s no pressure to switch to Timeline.


Eventually you either get Timeline or you get off Facebook. So dear friends, I recommend that you explore Timeline before you’re forced “kicking and screaming” into it, as I know many people will proclaim they are.

More Advice

If you operate a page, you definitely need to figure out Timeline… like yesterday. Yesterday, I wrote this blog post (for work, on work’s blog) that featured four easy things that page administrators can do to make the switch.

What do you like/dislike about Timeline?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Timeline

  1. I like it, but for some reason it was impossible to figure out how to change our relationship status and get the date of our engagement correct. I think we finally gave up with two stories on my timeline and three on his, between three different dates. It didn’t help that it all can’t be done from your phone either.

    Has anyone else noticed a lag in comments showing up on the timeline from when they were posted? Is this just a thing that happens when viewing from a phone or a timeline thing in general? (or maybe it’s just me…)

    Otherwise, it’s way easier to navigate. And I dont anticipate changing my relationship status but once more, so I think I can live with it 😉

    • I saw that you were able list that you’re engaged on your timeline. Congratulations on your status change! And I like what you’ve done with your timeline.

      I have not noticed comment lagging, but I have my phone notifications on very passive settings.

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