Just a Trim Dress

I got this light-weight, black and green dress at a consignment shop when I was in high school. It hung unworn in my closet last summer so I decided to do something with it. The original plan was to take the whole top off of it and replace it… that was the plan up until I put it on to take a before picture.

Looked less “meh” than expected.

I decided that it just needed a bit of a trim… so to speak.

First I ditched the short sleeves. I’ve decided that I’m more of a sleeveless dress kind of girl. I wear sleeveless year round with cardigans or jackets in colder weather.

Time to trim the trim!

Then I trimmed off the black trim at the bottom, shortening the dress to just above my knee. I trimmed the black material instead of ripping out the seam to keep from having to sew the whole bottom of the dress. The little bit of extra weight gives the skirt nice movement when I walk.

Not a bad way to start a Friday

It was a perfect outfit for a toasty Friday last week that started with  working at Erie Island Coffee downtown before a committee meeting, an afternoon at the office and  an evening catching up with an old friend.

Much breezier.

After more than two weeks of straight rain, Cleveland caught a bit of a weather break and got some real summer there for awhile with temps in the 90s. We didn’t seem to know what to do with ourselves. We had heat advisories and our phones put pictures of cacti next to the temps!

The cactus plant is not native to northeast Ohio.

With warm weather, it can be tough to keep our cool and still be professional. Light-weight, sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses have been a great option for my work wear. I’ve also opted for breezy skirts and dressy crop pants. But there’s always a sweater on hand for when the office A/C gets too chilly! How do you dress for the weather and for your job?

Today however feels a bit like fall. Oh well! It’s Ohio after all. We rarely keep the same weather for any period of time. I have one more bit of news before linking up. Thanks to everyone for your support on Monday’s post. I was happy to get a message this morning letting me know that my appeal for a new Dexcom has finally been approved! I should get back to continuous monitoring soon!

Happy Wednesday!

I’m linking up for Random Wednesday with Because Shanna Said So and for What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy.

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