It Hurts

Having type 1 diabetes is a physically painful condition for me. Generally speaking it causes me pain, thankfully it doesn’t cause constant pain and the pain that it does cause helps keep me alive.

New pod sites hurt, and sometimes they hurt for the whole three days, but if my blood sugar is fine I’m not going to waste a pod or the insulin in it. Sometimes I end up with nasty bruises due to my insulin infusion methods.

For my last set of labs, I went in for the blood draw expecting it to hurt. I followed all of my recommendations in this blog post and I actually ended up asking the man drawing my blood if the needle was even in my arm!

I also learned that the pain of the needle going into my vein has absolutely nothing to do with my tendencey to pass out, I got the hot, flushed and light-headed feeling I always do. I guess the body doesn’t react the best to losing a bunch of blood.

I completely expect diabetes things to hurt, so when they don’t it’s a surprise.

Be gentle with others because you may not know what hurts.

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3 thoughts on “It Hurts

  1. I try to remind people that exact thing. We need to always be kind to others because we never know what they are going through. I have Lyme Disease and deal with chronic pain every day, and I just wish others remembered this more. Thanks for sharing part of your story.

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